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Formed in early 2010 to respond to the growing need from small charities for quality yet affordable film media we have grown to include the private sector, weddings, churches and overseas development NGOs.

We specialise in using advancements in DSLR and sound recording technology to produce professional quality films at a fraction of associated costs.

With experience working in tough overseas operating environments we are able to travel internationally to capture your project and develop a tailored package to your organisational budget and needs.

Film Making:

There are various stages involved in making a film tailored for your organisation:

  1. Identifying your audience: In order to communicate your message it is important to fully understand your key needs. We work with you to identify who your target market is, what your audience is influenced by and your key selling points.
  2. Creating a script: Having established who your audience is we then develop a story around your organisation that portrays what you need it to. We structure content, identify locations and then sequence shots to  establish impact.
  3. Shooting: After developing a story we arrange a convenient time to film which includes producing, lighting and sound. We include the cost of hiring equipment and travel into a quoted price so that you can rest easy.
  4. Editing and post production: We then edit and colour grade your footage exporting into a format that is most suitable for the purpose you require.
  5. Distribution: Whether you require distribution via online channels or DVD or Blue Ray authoring we have the expertise to do the job.

If you require a film produced or would like more information about what we do please get in contact via our Contact Us page.